Are you ready to manage your chronic

pain and the stresses that come with it?”

This 10 week Program is perfect for you.

This path is designed to help you approach stress differently by using my four R’s.

This is where you begin your 10-week path to calmness.

  • You’re increasingly worried that your chronic pain is affecting your everyday life
  • You’re spending your nights (and maybe days) in bed just waiting for it to pass
  • You feel that it’s dominating your life, both at work and socially
  • You feel you’ve tried everything you can but that nothing seems to work
  • You’re upset and angry when just a simple walk leaves you feeling weak and tired
  • You just feel like nothing seems to be going your way
  • You’re worried about what chronic pain might do for your future


Well, you are not alone, even if it feels like that at times, I get it.


I’m here to help.

“From my personal experience with Stephanie, I would like to share that she is an absolute professional at her job, extremely helpful, and experienced with great knowledge on how to deal with stress and anxiety. Through our sessions, I managed to kick aside many obstacles that interfered with my personal and social life, and I have found success in my career too. A lovely personality who gives all the right energy and focus on things needed just for you.”



My path towards life coaching, like any walk of life, had many twists and turns before I realized that this is where my passion lay.

Like most people, the early years of my life were not short of challenges. I was diagnosed at a young age with a rare kidney condition, which would affect me both physically and mentally.

Two kidney transplants later, with a period of dialysis sandwiched in-between, and a further series of surgeries, I knew that those experiences, particularly the period of dialysis, defined me in more ways than one.

I decided I would not let stress or anxiety take over my life, so after recognizing and revising my reaction to stress, I was able to reboot my mind and body to prevent future stress from getting out of control.

I found what helps me relieve stress.

There is no right or wrong way of dealing with chronic pain.

There is your way…


We all have setbacks, but it’s how we deal with them.

What the outcome will be after you’ve completed my 10-week program

  • Recognising external triggers that aggravate your pain
  • Revising these external triggers and getting clarity on any internal triggers and learning to avoid then, so they don’t  increase your pain
  • Rebooting, by trying new methods to help manage your pain, for example: what you can eat or drink to help control your pain, meditating and self care – eradicating some things that do not help
  • Ultimately Reviving yourself by finding the right day to day life that makes you happy…
“This is the right time to express not only my warmest thanks, but also the fact that I really admire you.You are one among the few people I met so far, who has the talent to build a feeling of trust out of nothing, in a relationship that did not exist the day before. Your tips have been really insightful and helpful to becoming a better me.”

What’s included:

  • kick off call
  • 9 modules
  • 5x coaching sessions
  • 5x relaxation/hypnosis sessions

Bonus included:

  • Motivational Planner
  • NoteBook
  • Stress ball
  • Motivational Oracle Cards
  • Embrace the change coffee table book, full of inspirational quotes


Are you ready to take back control of your life?





I have a very stressful job as a top manager in a large company and I barely find time for me and my family. I felt like my life was starting to fall apart piece by piece until a good friend of mine recommended me  to Stephanie. My whole life started to change. She helped me find a way to mix my family life with my working schedule. Every manager should work with her in order to find the perfect balance in life.
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- Angeliki
I came to know Stephanie as a life coach and a friend in Athens, Greece, while she made a presentation of her specialisation in Stress Management and additional techniques related to stress. Stephanie is hard working, highly talented, creative and engaging. Her contribution during the sessions we scheduled was vast and above all very professional. Stephanie’s views were always grounded and she demonstrated commitment and passion for her know how. I would highly recommend Stephanie to prospective people of all ages who need a customised direction according to their needs.
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- Maria
I have been seeing Stephanie for a few months now and feel so much better. Thank you Steph for the boost
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- Alexandra