As we know, no two people are the same. We all have our own way of coping with stress. The various symptoms of stress effect each one of us differently and that is one of the things that make us who we are. I am no different than you! I have been in the same position, the very same shoes, more times than I can remember.

Confidence and self-belief…

Ι specialise in stress and anxiety help program that will aid you to overcome such issues and take back control of your life. This program will also help build your self-confidence and self-esteem so you can live the life you want.


My training in hypnotherapy has also made me well-equipped to help you control your physical/emotional pain as well as overcoming unneeded habits.

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A Brief Story

My own path towards life coaching, like any walk of life, had many twists and turns before I realised that this is where my passion lay.

Like most people, the early years of my life were not short of challenges. I was diagnosed at a young age with a rare kidney condition, which would affect me both physically and psychologically. .

Two kidney transplants later, and with a period of dialysis sandwiched in-between, plus a further series of surgeries, I knew that those experiences, particularly the period of dialysis, defined me in more ways than one.

As any transplant patient will know, anti-rejection medication can take its toll on us sometimes.

Taking something that deliberately suppresses the immune system brings about its own hurdles; for example, we are more prone to catching a cold than the average person, so we have to be that extra bit diligent.

These days, my husband Christian and I live in Greece, which is where we met in 2017.

Christian was born and raised in London and me in Athens, but when we met, he was living in Athens and I was living in London! (I know, the irony right.)

We realised how we actually had many mutual friends long before we met so it’s amazing how it took so long to meet…but I’ve always believed that things happen at the right time.

I was also recently diagnosed with a condition that affects my everyday life in a profound way. There is currently no known cure for this, but there are treatment options, which Christian and I are actively pursuing.


We all have setbacks, but it’s how we deal with them.


I became one of the lucky ones when I found someone to confide in, someone who lifted me; I found my Life Coach. She helped me turn my life around. Thanks to her, I am living life to the fullest. That is the passion and dedication that drives me to help others to overcome a wide variety of issues.

Things I love!



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