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The three main life coaching services I provide can be tailored to your specific needs. I offer packages that range from a month to six months, depending on what you would like.


Usually, if someone hires a life coach for a specific issue they may be facing, which could be a job interview or a certain event coming up, personal or business. You may feel nervous about it or not know how to tackle it, so together we would work through that obstacle together. As a result, the issue does not seem as big and confusing. That’s why I named that package “final piece of the puzzle“, once you place that final piece, you can see the whole picture and know exactly what angle to approach it with.


“Life is a journey, with problems to solve, and lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.” – Unknown


Then we move to the three-month package, which I named “A way out of the maze.” Ever feel like you are stuck? Not sure what decisions to make in life and which direction to move forward in? Well, in these three months we see where ideally you would like your life to go, and together we map out a plan of action. Following that map, you can go down the path that is perfect for you.


“With the realization of one’s potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” –Dalai Lama


The third and final package is for those who are looking to make a big change in their lives. Wanting to find themselves and balance in their lives. You are just not sure where to start, so I created this package, “Open the right door for you.” Making a big change like this takes time, that is why I created this package for the duration of six months, that way there is no time limit and everything can be done step by step.


“Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it’s a sense of harmony. It is essential to maintaining quality in life and work.” –Joshua Osenga


Each package also offers lots of gifts and goodies, which is my way of saying thank you! Also please keep your eye out for new services coming on the website, Relaxation Hypnosis, and Meditation. If you have any queries regarding my life coaching services, feel free to contact me!

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