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“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

It’s that fun time of the year, and as we all know, can be a very stressful time for most!

if you feel like it is a stressful time:

  • End of the year, where the workload piles up even more than usual, wondering you will get that bonus or not.
  • What present are you going to get and for how many people you need to get for?
  • Family gatherings
  • Or just sad that you don’t have anywhere to go

if any of those things sound familiar, especially the last one, well here’s an idea, why not have a gathering or party? I know what your thinking, that takes time and money, let alone where to do it. so here are some ideas to inspire, where all these stressors can be avoided and have a fun night where you can let loose and enjoy yourself.

  1. Christmas Murder Mystery party: decide your storyline,(there are so many ideas on the internet) call up your friend to invite them and tell them about their character and what to bring, order some pizza and there you go!
  2. Casino Night: Always a great idea to do with friends around the holidays, ask your friends to bring some drink, set up the dining room table with a set of cards and have fun playing all night. (of course, you don’t have to use real money)
  3. Movie Cocktail Party: move the furniture in your living room to make a dance floor, create a playlist, set up a bar area, call up your friends and ask them to dress up as a character from their fav movie, while also bringing a drink or two and dance the night away.
  4. Christmas themed Dinner: How about inviting a few close friends, maybe 2-3 people, ask them to wear a Christmas jumper or hat. Perfect to get into the Christmas spirit.

These are just a few ideas to help enjoy the holidays without the stress that may come with it from time to time.

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